The following list is part science and part art. In short, national statistics on actual trees grown are widely available, yet which tree variety is actually purchased in a year is a voluntary statistic, and hence, is not as easily attainable industry wide. Still, from the many sources available, we've compiled our best guess based on known sales, projected onto growth pattern trends in all US regions. Of all the different kinds of Christmas trees, we've begun by featuring the most popular.

Each of the following makes an excellent Christmas tree. Some are a superior choice for Christmas tree decorations that are handmade and ropelike. For example: popcorn strings, or similar garlands of miniature Christmas ornaments. Other trees offer extremely strong lower branches, perfect for supporting heavier and larger Christmas tree ornaments. Each has its strengths and differences, including the fragrance that each emits.

Popular Christmas Tree Varieties:

#1 Fraser Fir
#2 Douglas Fir
#3 Balsam Fir
#4 Colorado Blue Spruce
#5 Scotch Pine
#6 Eastern Red Cedar
#7 White Spruce
#8 Eastern White Pine
#9 White Fir
#10 Virginia Pine

Helpful Christmas Links:

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